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Bosaso merchant listed in U.S. sanctions for supporting ISIS

In a bid to cut off the flow of funds to ISIS, the United States has announced fresh sanctions against three individuals and three companies,

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UN: ISIS Still Active in Iraq, Syria, Qaeda Greatest Threat in Somalia, Yemen

A United Nations report revealed on Tuesday that ISIS is still active through cells in several cities in Iraq and Syria that were under its

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High-level security meeting expected to begin in Mogadishu
- Feb 5, 2018
Somali leaders at the federal and regional level are expected to hold a High-Level forum on security, which is scheduled to begin on Monday in Somalia's capital. The conference which will ...
Mogadishu College Graduate Proves His ‘Disability Is Not an Inability’
- Feb 4, 2018
Somalian Ismail Rage, 22, graduated from Simad University in Mogadishu with a bachelor's degree in banking and finance. Rage, who is paralyzed after a bout with polio as a child, ...
Briton who drove van into worshippers near London mosque jailed for at least 43 years
- Feb 3, 2018
A  man who drove into worshippers near a London mosque, killing one man and injuring a dozen others, was sentenced Friday to at least 43 years in prison for what ...
Vote Counting Under Way in Somaliland Presidential Election Share Tweet Email Share Share Share
- Nov 14, 2017
Vote counting is underway in Somaliland after the breakaway republic held its presidential election. Three candidates are competing to replace President Ahmed Mohamed Mohamoud, who opted not to seek re-election. The three ...
Waxaan ahay Cabdi Qadar Cabdulaahi ibraahim (catoosh)
- Oct 19, 2017
Waxaan ahay Cabdi Qadar Cabdulaahi ibraahim (catoosh) oo 27 jir ka mid ah camerimanada Tv ga Qaranka Soomaaliyeed gaar ahaan kooxda tabinta tooska ah ee Tv ga Qaranka sameysa. Warbaahinta ...
US, Somalia review reports of civilians killed in raid
- Aug 26, 2017
US Africa Command - the American combatant command for the African continent - said on Friday that US forces had been working "in a supporting role" with the Somali army ...
Hirshabelle President receives vote of no confidence from regional Parliament
- Aug 15, 2017
The President of Hirshabelle, Ali Abdullahi Osoble has been ousted from office after a vote of no confidence tabled by 76 lawmakers was passed by the regional parliament. An overwhelming 68 ...
Five foreign policy challenges for Kenya after election
- Jul 26, 2017
Kenya faces enormous foreign policy challenges. The recent launches of the manifestos of the Jubilee Party and National Super Alliance highlighted the lack of discussion of the foreign policy challenges ...

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